Get Up Close and Personal with the Artistic Process

At Red Dot Miami, you won’t just see the best the contemporary art world has to offer—you’ll also have the rare opportunity to meet the artists and see some of them create new work [...]

Curate Your Own Collection at Red Dot Miami

Forget mass-produced wall art. Acquire investment pieces that you won’t see in anyone else’s home or office. Whether polka-dot pumpkins, larger-than-life American currency, or dangerously pink [...]

Spotlight Gallery Contemporary Art Projects Explores the Impact of Time

Each year, Red Dot Miami is given a curatorial theme that informs the show’s programming and provides a common thread throughout the special exhibits. The show theme for 2017 is [IMPACT]—and [...]

Daniel Winn’s New Works Wins Fans from Around the World

For the past 20 years, Daniel Winn has been dedicated to establishing and growing Masterpiece Publishing and Winn Slavin Fine Art into icons of the art industry. As the fine art collection [...]

Spotlight Gallery Lemon Frame Sells the Art of Tomorrow

When Nathalie and Gil Wertheimer established Lemon Frame Gallery in 2016, their vision was to bring original contemporary art to people’s homes and to their daily lives. With a brick and mortar [...]

The Galleries Bring the Geniuses to You at Red Dot Miami

Want to preview and purchase art from the world’s foremost living impressionist painter and one of the top-ranked young artists in the world for the appreciation potential of his works? Stop by [...]

Spotlight Gallery Steidel Fine Art Is in Good Hands with Debra Steidel

Debra Steidel started playing with wet clay when she was a little girl living in Alexandria, Virginia. She found freedom not only in the infinite potential the clay possessed but also in [...]

The Passion and Intensity Behind Spotlight Gallery Vehement Art

Jared Schwalb is a self-taught visual artist and the owner of Vehement Art. With a background in finance, Schwalb brings a methodical and analytical approach to all his artistic compositions. [...]

Looking for Blue-chip Art? Find It at Red Dot Miami

Pippin Contemporary Aleta Pippin has always been a visionary. In the mid-1980s, she started her own executive suite business and eventually made the list of the 50 largest women-owned businesses [...]