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Forget mass-produced wall art. Acquire investment pieces that you won’t see in anyone else’s home or office. Whether polka-dot pumpkins, larger-than-life American currency, or dangerously pink wildlife paintings are your thing, you’ll find it at Red Dot Miami.

Arte Collective
Booths R107, R205, R305

“Gran Historia” by Valenz

Based in Miami, Arte Collective supports and empowers artists in all disciplines to showcase their work, promoting creativity and cultural awareness through collective collaboration. At Red Dot Miami, you’ll see works by self-taught artist Sabrina Rupprecht, Guatemalan street artist Mod Cardenas, renowned artist Valenz, remarkable portrait artist Suzi Fadel Nassif, photographer Xavier (Xavi) Lujan, and Colombian artist Xolo Cantillo. Don’t miss the opportunity to chat with curator and international art advocate Yubal Marquez Fleites to learn more about Arte Collective artists and their work at 5 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 9, at Red Dot Miami.

Visit the Arte Collective website here.

Gallery Edel
Booth R506

“A Pumpkin(BY)” by Yayoi Kusama

Gallery Edel in Osaka, Japan, is committed to launching a completely new interpretation and perspective on exhibition by presenting a new trend of Japan contemporary art and international contemporary art that is significant to our time. At Red Dot Miami, Gallery Edel will be presenting work from internationally renowned artist Yayoi Kusama. The polka dot-obsessed artist makes relatively affordable small sculptures, such as Pumpkin, in addition to her large-scale installations, which are currently traveling North America as part of “Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors,” which focuses on the evolution of Kusama’s immersive mirror installations. Stop by Red Dot Miami to enjoy some of Kusama’s works in Gallery Edel’s Booth R506.

Visit the Gallery Edel website here.

The Lurie Gallery
Booth R120

The Lurie Gallery is known for its focus on establishing emerging to mid-career artists. In the early 1980s in New York’s East Village, Bruce Lurie gave Jean-Michel Basquiat his first show. Today, the Los Angeles-based gallery, located in Culver City’s “Art District,” specializes in street art, abstract minimalism, pop art, photography, and monumental sculpture. At Red Dot Miami, you’ll see works by abstract expressionist painter Mark Dutcher, whimsical genius Michael Suchta, pop artist Nelson De La Nuez, philosopher Paul Rousso, and emergent contemporary artist The Producer BDB. Stop by Booth R120 to see their work.

Visit The Lurie Gallery here.

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