Daniel Winn’s New Works Wins Fans from Around the World

 In Gallery Preview

For the past 20 years, Daniel Winn has been dedicated to establishing and growing Masterpiece Publishing and Winn Slavin Fine Art into icons of the art industry. As the fine art collection curator, Winn is dedicated to nurturing, supporting, and encouraging the artists he represents, bringing dozens of obscure and unknown artists, including Ira Reines and André Desjardins, to international prominence.

Before Winn was an agent and a curator, he was a successful painter and sculptor. However, the demands of his job didn’t leave much time for him to devote to creating his own artwork. He promised himself that by age 50, he’d return to his canvas and brushes, and in 2016, he began to create again in a style he calls existential surrealism.

Now the sabbatical is over, you can be among the first to enjoy his reemergence to the art world at Red Dot Miami. In Meet the Artist events throughout the five-day fine art experience, Winn will walk attendees through his latest collection and reveal the inspiration behind each of his amazing originals.

Drawing upon his life experiences, his ancestral culture, and the contemporary influences of the culture and nation that he has called home since escaping war-torn Vietnam in 1975, Winn’s work explores the basic nature of human existence and examines the relationship between free will and providence and between self-determination and the universal plan.

The works are predominately figurative but also incorporate abstract and even mythological elements to communicate the divinity of creation, as seen in Receiving and Knowledge Creation.

In June 2017, Winn and business curator Randy Slavin opened Winn Slavin Fine Art gallery in the Golden Triangle of Beverly Hills, California. At Red Dot Miami, the gallery will be presenting Winn’s existential surrealism artworks, Ira Reines’ sculptural visions, and André Desjardins’ visual emotionism pieces.

We are lucky to be at the forefront of the return of an amazing artist!

Visit Winn Slavin at Booth R417 or online www.WinnSlavin.com

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