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Pippin Contemporary

Aleta Pippin has always been a visionary. In the mid-1980s, she started her own executive suite business and eventually made the list of the 50 largest women-owned businesses in Houston. In 2000, her childhood dream of becoming an artist exploded back into her life, and she started creating paintings full of energy color, and freedom. By 2011, armed with a vision of showing abstract art by outstanding painters and sculptors, she opened Pippin Contemporary in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a city as full of vibrant color as the ones expressed in Pippin’s contemporary art.

Today, Pippin Contemporary’s artists offer a sensory experience of color and mood. Artists are selected for their energetic and tactile expressions and present a range of personal perspectives through their art. Those expressions range from original paintings in vibrant colors to sculpture in stone, metal and glass, bronze, and kinetic. “That passion creates an element of surprise and beauty, offering the viewer an opportunity to reflect, to access emotions, and to explore your thoughts,” Pippin says.
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Collazo Collection

Gabriel Collazo and Angela Brooks are not only partners in life—they’re also partners in the studio. With a background in decorative art, custom finishes, 3-D printing, and fabrication, Collazo works with homeowners and designers to create art that turns their homes into museums. An interior designer by trade, Angela Brooks helps homeowners create the perfect ambiance for their homes.

Together in their Altamonte Springs, Florida, studio, the Collazo Collection creates large-scale abstract paintings that are full of love, spirit, and soul, as seen in pieces such as What Lies Within Us, Dissolving Boundaries, and A New Day Tomorrow. “We have so much fun creating together, exploring our imaginations, and bringing our own unique passions and gifts together with our artistry,” Brooks says.
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Winn Slavin Fine Art

Since its founding in 2011, Winn Slavin Fine Art has become a leader in the fine art publishing industry. A subsidiary of Masterpiece Publishing, Winn Slavin Fine Art is guided by fine art collection curator Daniel Winn and business curator Randy Slavin. In June 2017, the duo opened the first Winn Slavin Fine Art gallery in the Golden Triangle of Beverly Hills, California.

Winn Slavin Fine Art works with acclaimed international blue-chip artists. From the iconic neo-pop art of Cory Bennett and the intensely expressive artwork of Michel Desroches to the contemporary abstraction of Igor Zaytsev and the eye-catching sculptures of Boban, the internationally known master painters and sculptors are among the premiere museum artists in the industry.
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