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Red Dot Miami 2017 Art Labs

Check back soon for information on the exciting Art Labs planned for Red Dot Miami 2017.

Red Dot Miami 2016 Art Labs

Welcome to Red Dot Miami Art Labs—each features a specially curated exhibition by leading Miami-based art institutions, international cultural organizations, alternative art spaces, and universities within the show. Art Labs are created to showcase the thriving global art landscape.

Art Lab 1: South African Art Collective

As a stop on the national tour of the South African Art Collective, Red Dot Miami is proud to host this amazing group of artists and their work. Sponsored by the South African Department of Small Business Development and its desire to support the creative industries through market access platforms such as Red Dot Miami, the South African Art Collective Art Lab showcases creative diversity while supporting the goals of development and access in an expanded marketplace for the artists.

South African Art Collective
South African Art Collective

The Collective’s curator, Nkululeko Khumalo, is an artist and printmaker herself, and is traveling with the Collective. She is passionate about promoting the world of South African art—especially highlighting artists from disadvantaged communities. This Art Lab promises to give you a broader appreciation for the art, culture, and heritage that the artists depict in their work.

Here’s a closer look at 3 of the 20 featured artists in the South African Art Collective:

  • Lisa Nettelton Nettelton’s molo mimi line aims to repurpose otherwise discarded items, upcycling them into inspirational pieces. The strength of this fiber artwork, she says, “is ambiguity, which causes one to think.”
  • Mziwoxolo Makalima “My works are a capturing of social conversation surrounding happenings in otherwise unrecorded everyday occurrences,” Makalima explains. His paintings aim to capture the positive aspects of South African life.
  • Azael Langa Langa delves into socio-political issues in his work, and admits his quest to uncover truth as an artist can be all-consuming. “Art is not a day job or a career, it is a lifestyle,” he says, and one through which he shows his activism.

Come see this extraordinary exhibit, meet Khumalo, and learn more about the South African art traditions—then make a piece of inspired South African art part of your collection.

Art Lab 2: pARTicipate with Life is Art

pARTicipate with Life is Art
pARTicipate with Life is Art

Art meets technology in pARTicipate, an immersive art experience melding virtual reality, visual art, music, film, and fashion. Become part of the work or create your own—it’s up to you. Featuring work created by local students of Miami International University of Art and Design in collaboration with CARON Paris and Paris Perfumes, this interactive exhibition includes a panoply of artistic activities.

Join Miami arts advocacy non-profit Life Is Art, along with partners Virtual Relief and MIU, as they create a unique and exciting experience where you can interact and become part of the art as well as create your own work of art through virtual reality technology. Put on the virtual reality viewer and create 3D artwork influenced by the students’ music, be engulfed in a visual play of fashion, or virtually paint your own work of art and take it home.

Meet the creators and explore the world of art, film, and fashion while you explore the fun and excitement of the virtual art world!

Art Lab 3: Light The Night: Searching For Perfection

Adrian Sierra Garcia

Searching for Perfection, Adrian Sierra Garcia

Searching for Perfection is a dynamic light sculpture designed by Adrian Sierra Garcia, an artist, designer, and architect who creates immersive, large-scale, ephemeral environments that transform everyday places of transition into spaces of communication, reflection, and wonder.

The futuristic work of art radically displaces the viewer’s conception of time and space, transporting them into new, mesmerizing dimensions. The volumetric piece features a cluster of large red LED light tubes composed of polycarbonate tubing and aluminum structure that radiate an endless array of dreamy light patterns.

The intelligent lightsabers, originally designed for Garcia’s monumental interactive art installation, Of Two, on the Simone de Beauvoir footbridge in Paris (2012), have been exhibited in numerous places throughout Europe and the United States.

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