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  • "Red Dot Miami was definitely one of the places to be during the 2017 edition of Miami Art Week. We were very excited to present a diverse and thoughtfully curated exhibition featuring artworks from all over the globe that was continuously complemented by the attendees. The level and quality of attendance provided us with the opportunity to share our artists’ creations with a varied international audience, which resulted in true interest and acquisitions from collectors and art enthusiasts alike. In line with Arte Collective’s vision, Red Dot Miami provided a great platform for both emerging and established artists to introduce impactful contemporary art, which is both visually inspiring and also has a deep significant message to convey. We certainly look forward to next year's edition!" —Yubal Márquez Fleites, founder of Arte Collective

    Yubal Márquez Fleites Arte Collective
  • Red Dot artist Chuck Marksberry, of the Charles Harold Company, said, “If it’s good, it’s good because it’s good for you.” Marksberry, both artist and gallery owner, represents himself, his two sons and both of his daughters-in-law. His advice to those on the hunt for a particular piece was to “Look, look, look!” —excerpt from "ART BASEL, MIAMI ART WEEK - Miami’s December Gift" featured in the winter issue of Art & Museum Magazine

    ART BASEL, MIAMI ART WEEK Art & Museum Magazine
  • "Moving on from the gated communities and hurricane-toppled palm trees of South Beach, two more international art shows were on the other side of the MacArthur Causeway. Approaching the gate, dozens of roses and baby’s breath dangled upside down from the ceiling. The pungent aroma of drying flowers filled the air and patrons wandered back and forth between Red Dot and Spectrum. Galleries to roam and artists to meet at every turn." —excerpt from " - Miami’s December Gift" featured in the winter issue of Art & Museum Magazine

    ART BASEL, MIAMI ART WEEK Art & Museum Magazine
  • "Thank you for forwarding guest passes this year. It was greatly appreciated and an outstanding arts season!" — Historical Resources & Cultural Arts Department, City of Coral Gables, Florida

    Catherine Cathers Arts and Culture Specialist
  • "We had a great time at Spectrum and Red Dot and enjoyed it very much. We zeroed in on a couple of dealers we will be talking with in the coming days, and we look forward to attending the shows in the future."

    Steven Bennett Attendee
  • "Red Dot 2017 was one of the most successful art fairs that we have ever participated in with sales over $60,000 due to national and international collectors attending the fair. Thank you for including me."

    Tata Fernandez Contemporary Art Projects USA
  • "We are here at Red Dot for the first time. I have come back to my art as a painter after taking a sabbatical to run the gallery for the last 20 years. When I hear about the new ownership of Red Dot Miami, I felt they would bring the show to a new level—and to my expectation that is exactly what has happened. The quality, the lay-out, everything. I’m very impressed with the show and honored to be here. I look forward to being here and being part of the group of artists and galleries that will bring Red Dot Miami to the next level. I feel blessed to bring my art and Winn Slavin Fine Art to this audience."

    Daniel Winn Winn Slavin Fine Art
  • "This is our second year exhibiting at Red Dot Miami. The new Red Dot team is professional, interested in making the show a success, and we can see the difference in the organization, the approach, all the details. There are a lot of improvements—the show is really great. We will be back for sure and will be going to Artexpo New York now as well."

    Loic Le Couteller Imagine-Art
  • "I would like to thank everyone for your wonderful partnership in our pARTicipate exhibition! It was really great working with you all. Rarely do we have partners that are so responsible and professional, and we are definitely interested in discussing continuing it for next year!"

    James Echols Life is Art
  • "You guys are great! The show was a 10! We sold 6 pieces, including “The Swimmer” bronze sculpture for $12,000."

    Diego Victoria Diego Victoria Fine Art Gallery
  • "On behalf of Paul, David, and myself, I want to thank you for the opportunity you gave the three of us at this year's Red Dot Miami. Your staff are a breath of fresh air and we enjoyed and appreciated their positive attitude. We wish you every success in building your vision for Red Dot in Miami. It was an exceptionally well-organized exhibit and we are happy to have participated."

    Paul Burgoyne Stamp Art Society of British Columbia
  • “Thank you for setting up the panel discussion today at Red Dot Miami. I enjoyed my time and hope to be able to participate next year.”

    Alene Workman Alene Workman Interior Design
  • “We sold 14 pieces in total during and directly after the show. It was a good show for us.”

    Tanner Lawley Lawley Art Group

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