A Trip Around the World Without Leaving the Red Dot Miami Tent

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Red Dot Miami features an international slate of galleries representing emerging and established artists from around the world.

No need to travel to Los Angeles to see the works the emerging and established artists from Mexico and Latin America represented by Peimbert Art; Amsterdam to see the high-quality lithographs, etchings, and pochoirs by Pablo Picasso at Renssen Art Gallery; and Wimberley, Texas, to see the hand-thrown porcelain and glass sculptures by Debra Steidel at Steidel Fine Art.

Your ticket to Red Dot Miami gives you the chance to purchase works from an international slate 75+ galleries—all under one roof. Here’s a look at three galleries that are coming all the way to Miami to showcase their work.

Peimbert Art

Named the Best International Exhibitor at Art San Diego 2017, Peimbert Art of Los Angeles and Acapulco, Mexico, represents emerging and established artist from Mexico and Latin America and around the world.

Born in Spain, Xevi Vilaró is a multimedia artist who uses not only oil on canvas but also backlit acrylic glass and video to explore the true essence of human existence. His work features people, often faceless or with mysterious, disturbing facial expressions, as a way of conveying how individuality can be lost in the faceless society and the emotionless materialization of everyday life.

Peimbert Art will also showcase Rodrigo De la Sierra’s work at Red Dot Miami. With a background in architecture and training in modeling, wood carving, molds and casting, and figurative sculpture, De la Sierra’s work features the tragic-comedy figure of Timoteo, fondly nicknamed Timo. His latest iterations of Timo are based on the human ego and all its ramifications.

Renssen Art Gallery

Located in the heart of Amsterdam’s Art District sits Renssen Art Gallery. Featuring paintings, sculpture, and lithographs by Dutch artist Erik Renssen alongside a collection of high-quality lithographs, etchings, and pochoirs by Pablo Picasso, Renssen Art Gallery represents the fusion of contemporary and fine art.

Painting with both vibrant and subdued colors, Renssen’s work includes figurative paintings, sculptures, and graphic works. Although Renssen is inspired by the world that surrounds him, his work reflects his fervent admiration for the master artist.

“He’s the greatest and my daily inspiration,” Renssen says. “I write my own story on the canvas before me, using the wonderful visual language Picasso gave to us.”

Steidel Fine Art

Located in the Chelsea Fulham District of London and the Texas Hill Country in Wimberley, just outside of Austin, Texas, Steidel Fine Art works with emerging and established artists to present a diverse exhibition of different disciplines and media congruent with trending concepts and themes thoroughly dedicated to inventiveness and distinction.

Take Bob Cook, who approaches fine art photography the way a painter approaches a canvas. “I find that, in my work, painting and photography are converging, as a similar artistic process is used to construct and create the final image,” he says. Cook’s landscapes, setting suns, and resting meadows are both breathtaking and invigorating.

Steidel Fine Art will also be showcasing the surreal photography of Kate Harrold, who draws inspiration from childhood and all the possibilities of an innocent and boundless imagination. “Imagination and storytelling are the cornerstones of my work,” she says. “My goal is to draw hope from the seemingly hopeless and instill dreams in the face of life’s obstacles.”

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