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Whether Jacqueline Gilmore was studying design in London, fashion in New York, art in Italy or sculpture in Michigan, her goal has always been to communicate visually, create an emotional response, and share a message. Today, the Michigan native is back in the Midwest impacting people with her art and making a difference in the world by presenting thought-provoking messages that inspire change at JG Fine Art in Grand Rapids.

Known for her large-scale paintings, Gilmore builds layers of paint to create an artistic environment where the viewer can get lost in the landscape of the sculpture of the paint. “Maybe it’s because I have a BFA in sculpture,” Gilmore says, “or maybe it’s because I’m the short one in my family at 6 feet tall.”

Gilmore’s most recent work, Playing with Fire, honors the difference of opinions for hot topics such as human rights, environmental, political and religious views yet encourages viewers to take personal responsibility for being respectful and maintaining control. The painting highlights Gilmore’s ability to paint realism, but with a closer look, the abstract, ambiguous sculptural relief created by impasto paint morphs the work into a piece of expressionistic art.

Similar to her previous collections—including Ashes to Ashes, a large painting that makes a statement about man’s relationship with nature that sold for $125,000 at Red Dot Miami 2016, and Wood Palette, an abstract painting inspired by the rainbow eucalyptus found in the rainforests of Mindanao—Gilmore’s current work is designed to speak in a very personal way to the beholder about humans’ impact on the planet.

“To have someone look at your painting and be moved is extremely powerful,” she says. “When you capture a piece of the soul through your work, there is no greater honor.”

Visit her website here.

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