Spotlight Gallery Contemporary Art Projects Explores the Impact of Time

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Each year, Red Dot Miami is given a curatorial theme that informs the show’s programming and provides a common thread throughout the special exhibits. The show theme for 2017 is [IMPACT]—and Spotlight Gallery Contemporary Art Projects USA is taking the theme a step further and exploring the impact of time.

“As human beings, time is conducting our history of creators of beautiful, intense moments; as nature, from its beginning to eternity, represented by planets and stars that illuminate the universe or by the deep waters of the sea and the attractiveness of the landscapes; as an abstract concept, time guides kinetic and geometric visual artists giving them their musical rhythm,” says chief curator Mariavelia Savino. “Time is endless for human excellence, here represented by our artists.”

The curated show is figurative and abstract, geometric and kinetic, representing all media from metal to Plexiglas sculpture to photography and unique mixed media to painting to three-dimensional collages.

For instance, French artist Marielle Plaisir uses textiles, fibers, and fabrics and brings social commentary to each piece with universal themes such as power, domination, life, and death. Venezuelan artist Hugo Diaz’s work emphasizes two diverse spatial dimensions in order to represent a three-dimensional reality. Fellow Venezuelan artist Ana Maria Nava translates her investigation of time into intricate glass interpretations.

“Movement gives cadence to growing colonies formed by organic elements that duplicate themselves on the bare wall,” Nava says. “The shadows they cast become colored ghosts dancing under the splash. The exploration continues. Linked elements are present in nature, in our bodies, all around us. I study them. The work is an evolution of the of the textiles, frozen in time.”

Exhibiting artists include Brian Blount, Ricardo Cardenas, Lina Condes, Christian Coo, Hugo Diaz, John Dolle, Laura Epler, Artiom Grishaev, Senen Llanos, Lolo Loren, Daniel Marin, Juan Luis Perez, Marielle Plaisir, Lara Restelli, Nataly Schloser, Merrill Steiger, Gary Traczyk, and Michele A. Utley-Voigt, among others.


See them at Booth R215 or online at

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