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When Nathalie and Gil Wertheimer established Lemon Frame Gallery in 2016, their vision was to bring original contemporary art to people’s homes and to their daily lives. With a brick and mortar exhibition space in the heart of Tel Aviv and a dynamic online presence that explores the potential of art collection and community engagement in the new media technology environment, Lemon Frame Gallery embraces the democratization of contemporary art with a concept that meets the genuine need for original and accessible art.

A young and trendy gallery in the international scene, Lemon Frame Gallery aims to introduce emerging artists from around the world, providing them with opportunities to increase their visibility to a wider public. The Wertheimers frequently transform and reinvent its space, showcasing changing exhibitions and curated group shows and exhibiting a diverse range of fine and innovative work, including paintings, limited edition fine art photography, sculptures, mixed media, and video art. The curation is eclectic, and each featured artist possesses a potential for evolution and presents refreshing and innovative creations.


Key artists include Israeli painter Micki Goldstein, French pop artists Monika Nowak and Aiiroh, Japanese photographer Kenji Shibata, and unconventional American artist Trina Merry. At Red Dot Miami, Lemon Frame Gallery will present a live art performance by Merry and will launch a new painting series by Goldstein as well as additional exciting new projects currently under preparation.

Contact: Nathalie Wertheimer



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