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Want to preview and purchase art from the world’s foremost living impressionist painter and one of the top-ranked young artists in the world for the appreciation potential of his works? Stop by the Red Dot Miami tent during Miami Art Week where you’ll see work from Eva Makk of Novem Fine Art, Cui Jingzhe of Cui Jingzhe Art Gallery, and more.

Novem Fine Art

Based in Hawkesbury, Ontario, Novem Fine Art is the official representative of the Makk family, including Americo Makk, Ava Makk, and A.B. Makk, who is often referred to as “the first family of the art world.” In addition to showcasing the award-winning landscapes and portraits of the Makks, Novem Fine Art represents master sculptor Jacinthe Dugal-Lacroix, who is known for her bronze sculptures of the human form, as well as painter Arcade Latour, who is revered for his intriguing works of intense color created through the use of the age-old medium that is printer’s ink.

At Red Dot Miami 2017, attendees with have the rare opportunity to meet Dugal-Lacroix and learn about her passion as an artist and how she has found success in major cities around the world.

Visit their site here.

ABRA Gallery

Established in 2002 In North Miami Beach, Florida, ABRA (Art By Renowned Artist) Gallery offers an eclectic collection of art in a variety of mediums, including original acrylic paintings, limited editions, and sculptures. At Red Dot Miami 2017, attendees will meet two ABRA artists: Ariel Ortega and Nasrin Sheykhi.

Influenced by his native Colombia, Ortega is unable to detach from the history of his native land and uses it as a driving force in his work. His sculptures, formed out of individually handcrafted nano-flowers made of construction caulking, engage his viewers and send them off with a greater esteem for creation and its delicate balance.

For Nasrin Sheykhi, her works do not fall into just one category. Painting, caricature, illustration—each work beckons the viewer to come closer to catch the references to architecture, music, cinema, literature, calligraphy, physics, psychology.

Visit their site here.

Cui Jingzhe Art Gallery

Located in Beijing, Cui Jingzhe Art Gallery is the home of gongbi painter Cui Jingzhe. Formally trained at the Chinese Art Institute, Jingzhe ranks 10th among young artists around the world for the appreciation potential of his works, according to a report by Artprice.

His work, including his “Chinese Red” series and the artwork Bride, has exposed the details of classic Chinese culture to the whole world, and Jingzhe continues to spread a greater appreciation for the profound and rich Chinese culture through his artistic ingenuity. Jingzhe not only showcases his works at the gallery, but he also offers arts education for young adults and works to promote local culture and tourism development.


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