The Passion and Intensity Behind Spotlight Gallery Vehement Art

 In Gallery Preview, Spotlight Artist

Jared Schwalb is a self-taught visual artist and the owner of Vehement Art. With a background in finance, Schwalb brings a methodical and analytical approach to all his artistic compositions. Passionate about urban and contemporary art, Schwalb’s intensity comes through in his work.

“I am focused on vibrant colors and textures in all of my works,” Schwalb says. “I want you to feel what I have created without ever physically touching It.”

Known for large-scale mixed media works, Schwalb creates works that feature everyone from Leonardo da Vinci and Elon Musk to Jimi Hendrix and Lil Wayne to Popeye the Sailor and Wonder Woman. His most recent work includes “Trudging,” a series of five unique works of archival ink metallic paper featuring the Beatles’ Abbey Road album cover.

“My backgrounds are a critical component in my compositions because they reflect my own experiences with the subject matter,” he says. “I want my art to evoke some sort of emotion or connection. It doesn’t have to be the same for each person. My work isn’t about what I feel or see when I look at it but what it makes you see and feel.”

Armed with an uplifting perspective, Schwalb looks at everything as if it’s art and sees life itself as an artistic expression.

“I am giving the viewer a glimpse into my mind, which is very intimate, and anticipating that you connect with it.”

Visit the website here.

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