Red Dot Miami – Directors’ Picks

Director Rich Ferrante’s Top 10 Picks

The Directors’ Picks offers a select hand picked collection of art from cutting-edge galleries who will be at Red Dot Miami 2018. Browse this entire selection online, and pick out your favorites to watch at Red Dot Miami.

Aced Gallery
Aced Gallery | Diver Up – Victor Spinelli

Diver Up
Victor Spinelli
Booth R615

Art Link International
Art Link International | Mickey & Minnie – Mr. Brainwash

Mickey & Minnie
Mr. Brainwash
Booth R503

Gallery Art
Gallery Art | Barking Dog – Banksy
Barking Dog by Banksy

Barking Dog
Booth R205

Gallery Edel
Gallery Edel | Pumpkin – Yayoi Kusama

Yayoi Kusama
Booth R500

Gallery Steiner
Gallery Steiner | Walking with Nellie – Elisabeth Nagy

Walking with Nellie
Elisabeth Nagy
Booth R301

George Billis Gallery
George Billis Gallery | Icoshaedron – Daniel Marin

Daniel Marin
Booth R415

Karyn Mannix Contemporary
Karyn Mannix Contemporary | Untitled – Olympio

Booth R618

Naif International Gallery
Naif International Gallery | Letters – Lorenzo Martini
Letters by Lorenzo Martini

Lorenzo Martini
Booth R519

Roka Art Gallery
Roka Art Gallery | Lettera Cosmica – Mario de Leo
Lettera Cosmica by Mario de Leo

Lettera Cosmica
Mario de Leo
Booth R209

Zenith Art
Zenith Art | My Secret – Hamid Nicole Katrib

My Secret
Hamid Nicole KAtrib
Booth R406

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