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Artist Bio:
Peter Martin is an Austrian born painter and visionary artist. While growing up in the Austrian town of Scheibbs, Martin was introduced to the world of painting and abstract art by his father. At a young age Martin would visit museums and admire paintings and artwork. As his interest grew, he attended exhibitions and art fairs, and soon began honing his skill through self-study and painting lessons. During this time, he was most attracted to works by Caravaggio and elements of that admiration are seen throughout his current paintings. 

Today Martin counts photography and travel as part of what inspires his work. Through his travels he is able to meet an array of people who “find themselves” in his paintings. He paints mostly with acrylic and works on both mixed media and canvas. Though the subjects of his paintings are influenced by everyday life, there is an unworldly and often dark expressive tone to his work. His use of dramatic stylization, audacious color and large scaled works often create a looming presence

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