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Journeying around the world has ignited artist Mark Schiff’s creativity, which he reveals through his watercolor, acrylic, and oil compositions. “Traveling reminds me that I am part of a vast universe filled with extraordinary places and interesting people. The adventure of travel gives me an expansive sense of freedom that often becomes the inspiration for many of my paintings,” says Schiff. His travels have taken him to diverse locations, and he explains that each journey heightens his capacity to embrace a wide spectrum of emotions that serve his creative process. 

Heavily influenced by his interest in culture, music, and yoga, Schiff’s ability to be guided by intuition opens him to what he refers to as “the ocean of creativity within.” It is from this place that he paints with bold, deliberate strokes creating eye-catching paintings that sizzle with energy and command the viewers’ attention. 

Above all, Mark Schiff is a believer in the solidarity of humanity. After hearing his father’s experiences during WWII, Schiff was moved by the plight of war, its effect on people, and man’s inhumanity to man. “These stories inspired me to paint as a way to simply bring more beauty into our troubled world.” 

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