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Artist Bio:
As a photographer, Danny Johananoff believes art is always there, and that it is his job to capture it in the lens through which he sees it. Danny allows the viewer to observe the image through his eyes as a photographer. Johananoff refers to his work as painting with his camera. His images are often blurred and dreamy, depicting the culture and the pure beauty found in nature. Johananoff begins each photo expedition with no expectations or notions on what he may see and shoot. Thus, he opens himself up to receive any scenery that emits an emotion to him. It is this feeling and point of view he wishes to transmit onto the viewer. 

Raised in a family with a passion for music and photography, Danny Johananoff’s love for harmony in sound and color has lasted a lifetime. Throughout his life, his passion has deepened by his extreme travels, juxtaposing landscapes and circumstances, with each experience transforming his view of the world abstractly. Johananoff believes it is this developed lens that allows beauty to be seen in the war-torn Middle East or a remote area of the world that is untouched by the hands of modernity.

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