Booth #619

Artist Bio:
Andrei Sharov — Russian multidisciplinary artist. Sharov’s paintings are full of expressive energy and emotion, transforming classical motifs – such as the nude female subject of Ingres’ Grande Odalisque – into bursts of color and saturated, skittish brush strokes in distinct opposition to the work it references, which is marked by a smooth, clean painterly classicism. This rearticulation conveys not only Sharov’s mood and temperament towards his subject matter, but also the overall state of our contemporary culture, defined as it is by intense energy and its fast-paced nature.

This is also reflected in the way he prefers to paint; he eschews preliminary sketches and prefers to work spontaneously in bursts of energy, defining moments of time to push beyond perceptual and sensorial boundaries of the known, familiar, and ordinary.

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