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Artist Bio:
Cecilia Maria Rodrigues Duarte was born on April 21, 1979 in Sorocaba, São Paulo. Daughter of Nilton Rodrigues and Conceição Rodrigues who were both recognized artist in the city. Cecilia began painting when she was 12 years old, and inspired by her mother , she started with oil painting on canvas and attended workshops with renowned professors such as Gilberto Geraldo And Alexandre Reider.

The Themes of her preference are floral and landscapes. Cataloged in the Fourth Yearbook of Plastic Arts, she carried out by Consulte Arte Decoração magazine.

She participated in several individual and collective exhibitions in Rome, Santo Doming, Tunis, São Paulo and her hometown Sorocaba. With several works spread across Brazil, Europe and the USA, Cecilia has been increasingly seeking her space in the art world.

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