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Brazilian born visual artist and photographer; Karla Calassa has spent much of her life in the rich “cerrado” of her native state Goias. Like many artists, Calassa brings into her work the influence of what the soul has witnessed, and in this case reflected into a tropical palette.

In 2001 in a life changing decision, Karla moved to Miami, starting a new journey and adding to her art a cultural pluralism that expanded into new techniques and textures, creating new territories on canvas.

A self-taught passionate artist, her curiosity for n e w materials and penchant for experimenting with pigments, led Calassa into exploring new grounds, breaking free from the initial oil and acrylic on canvas mode. The artist’s creative process is made of transforming the real into imaginary, creating abstracts that consist of a well-balanced surface of colors and traces, often adding texture, without abandoning the formal concern with the creation process. Some of her work brings noticeable perception of life reflecting at the same time, and intertwined, a softness and euphoric touch. In some of Calassa’s series one will find subtle reflections of the artist’s intimate feelings and deep spirituality, a trait that has brought her to express her love of nature and gratitude to the universe in different series and phases of her career, an instrumental characteristic in reflecting her moment and opening several doors for interpretation on her current work.

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