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Artist Bio:
Christine Engel-Wiethüchter was born in Vienna in 1967. She was apprenticed in the area of operating technology and worked as an engineer in the machine engineering industry (construction and development). Afterwards she studied graphical design at the Fachhochschule Bielefeld. Her studies included ’Illustration’ with Prof. Karl-Heinz Meyer, ‘Graphical design’ with Prof. Uwe Göbel and ‘Typography’ with Prof. Gerd Fleischmann. On top, she attended courses in painting with Prof. Dörries-Höher and sculpture with Prof. Hess. In 1996, she received her diploma. Today she maintains an art studio of her own and works and lives as freelance artist in Bielefeld.

The artistic language of Christine Engel-Wiethüchter is nourished by thematic elements of various areas: experiences, dreams, thoughts, impressions resulting from her travels or particularly impressive encounters with other human beings- even technical constructions or buildings as a result from her close affinities to technology. All these impressions intermingle with daily news from politics and society and in her art become snapshots of Zeitgeist.  The richness of information dissolves in her works as thoughts between lines and into a symbolism within indefinite stories. Thus the spectators are invited to set out on an adventurous journey to let thoughts expand freely  between reality and the imagination.

Christine Engel-Wiethüchter has mainly exhibited in German speaking countries and is now represented by LDXArtodrome Gallery internationally.

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