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Artist Bio:
Stephanie Chisholm
is an aerialist and body artist from Miami, FL. She has toured throughout the US and Europe as an aerialist before returning to her hometown. Throughout her travels she has collaborated with photographers to create striking images displaying the strength, fragility and expression of the human body. This exhibit is a representation of her work as a collaborator and art model with photographers from New York, London, and Milan.

Artist Statement:
As an artist I have always been fascinated by the hidden parts of the psyche, the shadow self and the play between light and dark. My body is my medium for expression in the air and on the ground, and I believe that the naked body is a sacred vessel through which our true vulnerability and power can be expressed. My goal as an artist is to make people feel something; I believe that our emotions are what connect us to each other and make us human. We are each a complex labyrinth with layers we rarely expose, parts we keep hidden and truths even we don’t want to face. As an artist I am exploring these parts of myself to show the beauty in the darkness and imperfection of being human. I hope to inspire others to embrace these parts of their own selves and recognize their own intrinsic beauty.

This collection of photographs displays the vulnerability, power and simple beauty of the human form. They are collaborations with different photographers, each with their own unique style of work. I have approached these collaborations with my own interpretation of how to communicate through my body to invoke emotion and celebrate the balance of light and darkness.

Artist Bio:
Livio Moiana, born in 1969 in Italy in Como, has worked for 25 years as an advertising photographer and portraitist.

Graduated in advertising photography and fashion at the IED European Design Institute in Milan in 1991.

In 1993 he moved to the USA in Miami. After working for Mickey Rourke, he chose to extend his work to the portrait and entertainment sector.

Back in Italy, he became official Radio Capital photographer by Claudio Cecchetto.

In the following years he will work for brands such as Nestlè, Mediaset, Radio Deejay, Il Sole 24 ore, Klaus Davi & co., BRW & partners, Pallacanestro Varese, Regione Lombardia, Skechers and others.

A lover of challenges in the professional field, he has chosen to range over several sectors, with the person and her emotions as the focal point.

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