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Artist Bio:
Ryan T. Schmidt is an American Artist born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas sculpting in stainless steel since 2002. His motivation for art springs from his passion for steel in smooth arcs and curves that are in triangular relationships inspired by St. Louis Arch, as well as, early artistic direction from Origami, drawing, ceramics and printmaking. Schmidt’s intention is to create atmospheric sculptures designed to be reflective, capturing the everlasting properties of the sun, water, clouds, and the seasonal landscapes to invoke the viewer’s imagination for inspiration of great healing and thoughtfulness.

Recipient of Proskauer Prize Award in 2018, he’s also a Visiting Artist at Palmer Trinity School in Miami, and had supported various foundations such as UNICEF, American Heart Association, Saint Louis Ambassadors, Wolfe Street Foundation, Dan Eldon Creative Center, and Tabriz Arkansas Arts Center.

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