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Artist Info:

Born in Guangrao ,Shandong, China


Graduated from Shandong Normal University art department Shandong, China


Went on to study in Class for research work of canvas in Artistic Research Institute of China

Selected Exhibitions


Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong

Art Kunstbroeders, Netherlands

Art Laren, Netherlands

Art  Karlsruhe, Germany

Art Luxembourg, Luxembourg


Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong

Songzhuang, New spirit, Beijing

The Reconstruction of The Other, Songzhuang, Beijing, China

All Rivers Run into Sea•Cliffs Tower Like Mountain Crest, Songzhuang, Beijing, China

Fuzzy Boundary, Songzhuang, Beijing, China

Art Nanjing, Nanjing, China

Singapore Contemporary Art Show(Asia Contemporary Art Show Singapore), Singapore

Asia Contemporary Art Show Hong Kong 2016, Hong Kong

Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2016


Art Revolution Taipei, Taipei

“Mei Wan Mei Liao” Contemporary Art Show, Beijing

“Add Details of a Story” Art Show, Beijing

Exhibition for Nominated Young Artist in Asia, Beijing

Soemo Fine Arts Collection ExhibitionSoemo Fine Arts, Beijing, China

AFF Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Asia Contemporary Art Show Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Taipei New Art Expo, Taipei, Taiwan

Art Unbounded•Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing, China

Endless•Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing, China

Time Code•Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing, China

The 3rd Asia Youth Artists Exhibition, Beijing, China


Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong

Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong


Composite Exhibition of People’s Art, Shangshang Art Museum, Beijing, China

BP Portrait Award 2013London, UK

Summer Exhibition 2013, British Royal Museum, London, UK;

Monaco International Art Fair, Monaco, France

Additional Info:
 “Beijing Girl” series depicts young girl’s urban life spirit of young girl in the contemporary society, the looks, beauty and innocence, however, they are rebel and behave in haughty eyes look at the world. In his works, Zhang uses fine and realistic painting skills to present a strong character of the contemporary young girl, and they are likely to go against the conservative tradition. Although they appear restless and clam, they are thrilled with the inherent beauty.

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