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Shima Shanti, inspired by meditation and nature, paints with beeswax and fire. She juxtaposes bold texture that is rough yet refined with a sublime neutral tone and hue that appear to span spiritual dimensions. Her use of native and vintage elements in contemporary design blur the boundaries of culture and dissolve records of time. What is left to the beholder is the feeling of being in this world but not of it, the feeling of unifying oneness of Peace. Shima’s work appears ethereal nonetheless firmly grounded. This along with her unyielding acceptance of the imperfect is reflected in her work

Shima’s conventional upbringing, in contrast with her existential understanding is revealed in captivating depth in her artwork. Her work appears ethereal nonetheless firmly grounded. She combines bold and rough-yet-refined texture with satin-smooth finishes that appear both translucent and opaque. The depth-created luminosity inspires the viewer to delve beneath the surface.

Layer upon layer—above and below—Oneness is revealed. Similar to life – every layer of beeswax and each moment in time are fused with our past and present creating life’s journey. The spontaneous feeling of Peace when viewing her work is the gift of art.

Additional Info:
Steidel Fine Art is an international, contemporary art gallery and art consultancy providing collaborative advisory and fine art services for private collectors and interior designers for the home, professional office, and corporate environments. We work with emerging and established artists to present a diverse exhibition of different disciplines and media congruent with trending concepts and themes thoroughly dedicated to inventiveness and accessibility. What sets us apart is our dedication to providing our clients access to overseas collections and extraordinary commissioning opportunities by maintaining an international presence and strong artist relationships. We have shown contemporary fine art and design work in international art shows in the UK and USA, and uphold an active fair schedule. We are experienced to support, develop, and enhance your personal or corporate art collection by sourcing original fine art that will compliment your vision.

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