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KATHY COTTER has spent many summers in Provincetown and Truro as a child and has been a Provincetown resident for almost 40 years. The light, the air, the sea and general beauty of the outer cape imparts a deep sense of beauty that shines through in her paintings. Cotter is a process painter in that she doesn’t go into a painting knowing how it is going to turn out. She plays with color, textures, and subjects in a way that you may sense what they are yet they remain somewhat abstract.

Cotter is also unafraid to combine things that at first glance don’t seem like they belong together. Somehow they do. Cotter strives to have the viewer feel some personal connection to the work, a memory, feeling or emotion. She believes that everything animate or inanimate has a spirit or essence and her job is to portray that.
Painting for her demands experimentation and fearlessness, willingness to try something new. In the 10 years that she’s been painting, Kathy has had gallery representation, has been a part of many juried and group shows, as well as numerous solo shows.

Cotter received the first “HAWTHORNE BARN RESIDENCY” as part of the 20 summers program in 2014. She has an intensely loyal following of collectors as well as newcomers every year. She looks forward to learning new things and painting for as long as she can. It is her life’s work.

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