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Kelly Milukas is an award-winning multi-media artist whose practice includes sculpture, pastel and encaustic painting, and fine art photography. Her “Keys to Cures” have been exhibited in many venues including The Ronald Reagan International Forum, in Washington, DC, the Museum at Palm Beach Photographic Centre, FL, and the Regenerative Medicine Forum in Berkeley, CA, among others. Her art work is in national museum, international private and corporate collections, such as The Boston Group; Intarcia Therapeutics; Simpson Healthcare; and Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, to name a few. She has served as a curator and juror and has presented talks in museums, arts and science forums, and arts organizations. She is a founding member of the South Coast Artists, RI & MA, and the past President of the Providence Art Club, the 3rd oldest Art Club in the United States.

Milukas’s tantalizing sculpture tells the modern story of regenerative medicine, biotech advancements, and invite the participants to ponder unlocking the mysteries of life. Her hand-cast and hand carved resin keys come in an array of glowing colors covered in genuine gold and silver leaf. The keys, with their message of hope and rebirth, have been an integral part of Milukas’s “Keys to Cures” installations created in collaborations with the Regenerative Medicine Foundation, and Intarcia Therapeutics, and Brown University’s Artist and Scientist as Partners.

“Artwork”, says Milukas, “can be a facilitator for scientific knowledge. Artwork, by way of our senses and emotions impacts how we understand our world. Scientific studies show that art is a powerful ingredient to improving a person’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

“Keys can open hearts, unlock mysteries behind closed chambers, and they can set people free.”

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