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Artist Bio:
Anton Mayringer / L ́ORAIME Artist 

Personal Info Location Austria / Upper Austria Phone 0043 / 664 / 26 42 722 E-Mail Website 

Key Skills Painting Photography Design 

About me Even in my childhood I was interested in different kinds of materials and always looking for creative challenges. Through my intuitive talent and my pleasure in experimenting with various colours and materials, I have developed a completely new art design. A design affected with individual varnish techniques and materials. It is a design which expresses my feelings, my emotions and my thoughts. 

Exhibitions 2013 Reopening Shopping Mall, Vienna/ Austria 2014 Vernissage Schloss Ort, Gmunden/Austria 2014 „Flames of peace“, Vienna/Austria with Sandor Habsburg-Lothringen in cooperation with the Memorial Museum of Katsurahama in Japan 2015 Vernissage Isabella Bogner-Bader, Austria 2015 Gallery Hubert Thurnhofer (Der Kunstraum), Vienna/Austria 2016 Presentation Boat Fair, Austria 2017 Bachschmiede, Salzburg/Austria 2018 Atrium, Bad Schallerbach/Austria 2019 23. Internationale Art Fair, Innsbruck/Austria 2019 Hong-Kong 17-19 May. 2019 Luxemburg 21 Sep – 6 Okt. 2019 ART- Salzburg 27 Sep – 29 Sep. 

Education 2007 Education in varnish technician 2007 Master varnisher 2008 Expert airbrush 2008 Teacher varnish technician 2010 Professional photographer 

Contact Info:
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