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Saymon Designs:  Saymon Faria creates wearable art, he is a Jewelry Designer , Gemstone Cutter, Sculptor & Miner who grew up in Brazil working with his Father Edvaldo Faria ( Gemstone Miner & Gem Cutter ) in the mines and cutting gems. On 2001 they moved to Miami and opened their Shop in the Famous Historic Seybold Building where Saymon developed his talent as a Jewelry Designer, acquiring huge experience restoring so many Circa and Art Deco Master Pieces giving him a rare opportunity to learn with all of them. All this experience and knowledge is applied into the wearable art created along with partner Maipo Corp , a high end Jewelry Brand. Together they create  Masay Creations, a  unique futuristic style mixed with Art Deco roots which is our foundation on the creation process. Maipo manufactures gold chains and bracelets of high quality and beautiful finishing. It was established in San Juan, Puerto Rico USA late in 1963 by Italian Industrial Jewelers. It is now presided by precious metals specialist Alfredo Zecchini and Gemologist Kelly Zecchini, with their main offices in Miami, Florida.

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