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Artist Bio:
Sebastián Florido, was born in Ecuador in 1988, studied high school in upstate New York, where he took his first art classes working with ceramics, sketching, drawing and painting.

Following his love for surf, he went to obtain his Liberal Arts Degree at Griffing University in Australia’s Gold Coast.vFor the next 4 years, he continued exploring his art through printing, ceramics, sketching, painting, photographyvand filmmaking.vHe returned to his hometown, Guayaquil, and while working on his entrepreneurial project he started his art studio and became involved with the art movement in Ecuador.

In November of 2018, he had his first solo exhibition at Plaza de la Fuente Gallery in Plaza Lagos being a great success and selling almost 90% of the exhibition. In June of 2019, he was invited to be part of a new generation artists exhibition in the same gallery with 4 pieces, being the artist with the most pieces exhibited.

Sebastian is also known as Those Vague Days, which stuck as the artist’s pseudonym and has become the umbrella under which his range of creative outlets are explored and shared.

He currently lives in Ayampe, Ecuador where he surfs everyday and shares his art studio with his two dogs, Mason and Gala.

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