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Artist Bio:
Mariella Morrone Artist of Italian descent, Mariella was born in 1975 in São Paulo, where she lives and works .For many years she was self-taught in drawing and painting and for a while considered her art a hobby. Morrone also  has a business degree and a postgraduate degree in management. After becoming a mother, she pursued Fine Arts at the Pan-American School of Art and Design… Most of Mariella’s work is in acrylic, but she also uses a lot of oils and pastels, dry coal and using mixed techniques without making use of any technology. In pursuit of her artistic identity, she developed a striking trait which she affectionately calls her “little creatures” that are sometimes fun, sometimes sexy, they translate love, and family, and are now her trademark. Most works portray motherhood with an emphasis on feelings that arise during pregnancy and remain for life: the protection (hands), responsibility (feet) and of course, unconditional love (kiss).I paint the sky… figures among the clouds in scenes that represent dreams, wishes, innocence and the ludic world of children, our sons and daughters. “ I also paint kisses in a deconstructed way that symbolize the love between two people without distinguishing the sex. I am an artist who believes in painting love, not destruction or war and human conflict. An artist who believes that love is the answer to everything which can take us to a more decent world. Welcome to my art, this is me. “

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