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Savannah Magnolia was born in Fort Myers, Florida in 1996. From a very early age, she was always fascinated by the sciences and dreamed of one day becoming a neurosurgeon. This passion influenced her path towards a career in medicine where she first studied Neuroscience at Boston University. To balance the countless hours in the lab, Savannah began taking painting classes where she discovered a secondary love in life for painting. Slowly her painting practice captivated her completely which brought her to Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL to earn a BFA in Fine Arts. She maintains her passion for medicine by merging the fields of science and art through large-scale paintings of anatomical cross-sections. Guided by personal experiences with deteriorating health and healing, Savannah hopes to explore the role that medicine can play in art, and vice versa, by addressing both the positive and negative aspects of health care.

In addition to professional development grants and numerous other merit awards, Savannah was recently given the VSA Emerging Artist First Place Award through The Kennedy Center in Washington DC. With this award, she will continue to spark conversations about our collective health with her paintings acquired by their collection to travel nationally in museum exhibitions. Savannah continues to exhibit in the state of Florida and nationally. She currently resides and maintains a studio in Tampa, FL.

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