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2017 Spotlight Galleries

The Spotlight Gallery Program offers a focused look at several cutting-edge galleries. Browse our selected Spotlight Galleries from previous Red Dot Miami shows.

JG Fine Art

Grand Rapids, Michigan | Booth R509

Whether Jacqueline Gilmore was studying design in London, fashion in New York, art in Italy or sculpture in Michigan, her goal has always been to communicate visually, create an emotional response, and share a message. Today, the Michigan native is back in the Midwest impacting people with her art and making a difference in the world by presenting thought-provoking messages that inspire change at JG Fine Art in Grand Rapids.

Her most recent work, Playing with Fire, honors the difference of opinions for hot topics such as human rights, environmental, political and religious views yet encourages viewers to take personal responsibility for being respectful and maintaining control. The painting highlights Gilmore’s ability to paint realism, but with a closer look, the abstract, ambiguous sculptural relief created by impasto paint morphs the work into a piece of expressionistic art.

In a multi-use studio in her family’s home situated among rolling hills, trees, ponds and roaming horses in Cannonsburg, Gilmore finds artistic inspiration that she showcases at JG Fine Art and in private collections throughout the world.
Contact: Jacqueline Gilmore

Lemon Frame Gallery

Tel Aviv, Israel | Booth R201

Located in the heart of the Tel Aviv Port compound, Lemon Frame Gallery is a young and trendy gallery in the international scene. Founded and directed by Nathalie and Gil Wertheimer with the vision to bring original contemporary art to people’s homes and to their daily lives, the gallery aims to introduce emerging artists from around the world, providing them with opportunities to increase their visibility to a wider public.

Established in 2016, Lemon Frame Gallery embraces the democratization of contemporary art with a concept that meets the genuine need for original and accessible art. The Wertheimers frequently transform and reinvent its space, showcasing changing exhibitions and curated group shows and exhibiting a diverse range of fine and innovative work, including paintings, limited edition fine art photography, sculptures, mixed media, and video art.

The curation is eclectic, and each featured artist possesses a potential for evolution and presents refreshing and innovative creations. Key artists include Israeli painter Micki Goldstein, French pop artists Monika Nowak and Aiiroh, Japanese photographer Kenji Shibata, and unconventional American artist Trina Merry.
Contact: Nathalie Wertheimer

Steidel Fine Art

London I Wimberley, Texas | Booth R100

Located in the Chelsea Fulham District of London and the Texas Hill Country in Wimberley, just outside of Austin, Texas, Steidel Fine Art provides collaborative advisory and fine art services for private collectors and interior designers for the home, professional office, and corporate environments.

As an artist, Debra Steidel is known for the intricacy and eccentricity of her hand-thrown porcelain sculptures and the vividness and boldness of her crystalline glaze as witnessed in such signature Steidel work as the Ocean Whisper Series.

As a curator, Steidel is known for her work with emerging and established artists to present a diverse exhibition of different disciplines and media congruent with trending concepts and themes thoroughly dedicated to inventiveness and distinction. Artists include Spanish painter Lorena Garcia Mateu, fine art photographer Bob Cook, the free-spirited and self-taught visual artist Maeva Fouche’, and surrealist painter Thomas Dowdeswell.
Contact: Debra Steidel

Steidel Fine Art Artists

Debra Steidel

Born in 1956 in Alexandria, Virginia, Debra Steidel was introduced to porcelain clay at a very young age, growing accustomed to the feel of wet clay on her fingertips. The freedom that clay possesses in its infinite potential is an idea that would resonate within Debra her whole life. Moreover, daughter to a rugged huntsman of the Northeast United States, Debra often found bliss in the natural environment around the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

In 1974, at the age of 18, Steidel purchased her first potter’s wheel that she still uses to this day to create her vessels. During the early stages of her artistic career, Debra focused solely on the form of the vessel. Her attention to detail and appreciation for handling the delicate wet clay grew out of diligence revered for her craft, hypnotized by the shrewd allure of the wheel.

Over the years, Steidel gained a confident familiarity with the throwing process, said to be the most important aspect of a ceramic piece. She would perfect the techniques essential to throwing: centering her medium, opening the clay, and giving shape to the vessel with the graceful application of pressure and water. Yet Debra was never content as only a potter.

In the early 1990’s, Steidel shifted her focus to ceramic sculpture. Sculpting presented Debra with such a different view of ceramics, replacing the meticulously concentrated process of the wheel with a free flowing, creative approach that channeled her unconscious. Steidel’s clay sketching began with inspiration from sea forms such as conch shells, sea urchins and marine algae but then began to rapidly evolve.

The natural beauty of the sea forms served as a basis to capture the intricacy of nature into eccentric porcelain shapes, witnessed in such signature Steidel work as the Ocean Whisper Series. The challenge now for Debra was to forge a balanced relationship between the forms of her vessels and the ornamentation of her sculptures. That relationship would, of course, be embodied within the lidded vessel that Debra Steidel has become synonymous with.

Yet the name Steidel is also closely associated with the mesmerizing crystalline glaze. Throughout her entire career, Debra always enjoyed the experimentation that is unquestionably fundamental to her craft but in her pursuit of perfecting the various crystalline glazes, her fortitude was pushed to new limits. In 2003, Debra moved to the lush Texas Hill country, just Southwest of the Texas capital of Austin. It was in her new surroundings that her pursuit to create the most remarkable glazes turned into an obsession. For Debra, the vividness of the glaze was equally important to the organic formation of each unique crystal as to maintain a harmonious composition of the overall piece. Thus, the recipes of her glazes have taken years, in some cases decades, to perfect.

Currently, Debra Steidel is exhibiting her work in art galleries across the United States and United Kingdom. She has won numerous prestigious awards for her artwork. Debra’s self-taught style is ever-present in her unorthodox porcelain sculptures. She also continually strives to broaden her artistic vision by incorporating new techniques and styles. Most recently, Debra Steidel has incorporated bronze and glass into her new Mixed Media, Bronze and Glass Series. Regardless of where Debra Steidel applies her expertise, it is sure to encompass the qualities of balance, novelty, and wonder.

Steidel Fine Art - Debra Steidel
Debra Steidel | Steidel Fine Art
Lorena Garcia Mateu

Lorena’s paintings have been the subject of numerous solo and group exhibitions including “Festival de les arts Ciutat Vella Oberta” in Casa de Velázquez (Madrid), “Ahora, Nosotras II” at the Museum archaeological of Cacabelos (M.AR.CA.), Spain, ” Ars Visibilis ” at the Mediterráneo Centro Artístico Almería (MECA), and the international exhibition “Made in Spain. Imago Mundi” organized by Benetton Fundation.

Lorena García earned her. B.A. in Fine Arts at San Carlos’ College in Valencia, Spain. She also went on to complete her M.A. in Artistic Production at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain in 2008. In 2007 Lorena was awarded with the 1st prize for Artistic creation by the University of Zaragoza, furthermore she has been selected in numerous painting’s awards like 20th Annual competition “Ciudad de Algemesí” and 56th Autumn Exhibition Ateneo Mercantil Valencia. She currently lives and paints in Valencia, España.

Lorena Garcia Mateu
Lorena Garcia Mateu | Steidel Fine Art
Bob Cook

Bob Cook approaches fine art photography the way a painter approaches a canvas. Similarly, the dedication to subject, color, mood and form all come into play. With his lens as a brush, Cook frames the piece with his setting of choice, and whether by chance or calculated planning, an effective scene is captured. He adjusts exposure as if mixing paints on a palette, setting the mood of a piece by seizing the warmth of the setting sun or the shade of a resting meadow. The comprehensive creative process Cook applies to photography is invigorating, creating breathtaking works that manipulate landscapes though compressing perspective or stitching together terrain.

Bob Cook has consistently exhibited his work throughout Texas and has been at the forefront of development of the artist community in the Texas Hill County, just southwest of Austin. He currently works out of his studio in San Marcos, Texas.

Bob Cook
Bob Cook | Steidel Fine Art
Maeva Fouche

My recent collection was inspired by vibrations, energy and the coexistence of these frequencies as projections of love. The contrast and vivid colors represent the internal and external love that we manifest between others and within ourselves, while the geometric shapes symbolize femininity (downward triangle), masculinity(upward triangle) wholeness of oneself (circles), and order, symmetry, and organization (straight lines). It is the balance between these opposites black, white, male, female positive and negative and the realization that neither can exist without the other. This is represented within the formation of these dimensional surfaces, acrylics and shapes revealing a new story with each viewing.

Maeva Fouche
Maeva Fouche | Steidel Fine Art
Thomas Dowdeswell

Thomas Dowdeswell pulls back the curtain on current, controversial issues with surreal political satire, challenging the viewer to confront, digest and empathize with multiple perspectives, both literally and theoretically.

The complexity is discernible and at times even daunting, yet Dowdeswell’s works remain decipherable like an unnerving cautionary poem of the end of civilization as we know it. Meanwhile, under the geometrical figures, symbolic color palettes, and explicit imagery, an intellectual voice is always present.

Dowdeswell’s surrealist style creates a dreamscape atmosphere where he deliberately juxtaposes imagery of desperation and opulence, victimization and exploitation, in an attempt to explore the inequality of society through a flurry of abstraction and symbolism. When expressed through structural shapes, the form and energy is reminiscent of Futurist Umberto Boccioni’s Elasticity (1912). But sometimes that flurry takes a complete abstract form, reminding the viewer of Kandinsky’s Compositions (1913), and thus the longing for liberation. Moreover, Dowdeswell’s faceless, indistinguishable figures have an uncanny resemblance to Salvador Dali’s ‘creature’ in The Persistence of Memory (1931) reinforcing the obscure, dreamlike setting and reiterating the inescapable confusion of the human condition.

Thomas Dowdeswell currently lives and works in Bristol and has exhibited throughout the UK, France and the United States.

Thomas Dowdeswell
Thomas Dowdeswell | Steidel Fine Art

Vehement Art | Jared Schwalb

Boca Raton, Florida | Booth R106

Jared Schwalb is a self-taught visual artist and the owner of Vehement Art. Although he has worked in the financial industry for most of his life, Schwalb is passionate about urban and contemporary and that intensity comes through in his work.

Known for large-scale mixed media works, Schwalb creates works that feature everyone from Leonardo da Vinci and Elon Musk to Jimi Hendrix and Lil Wayne to Popeye the Sailor and Wonder Woman. His most recent work includes “Trudging,” a series of five unique works of archival ink metallic paper featuring the Beatles’ Abbey Road album cover.

Armed with an uplifting perspective, Schwalb looks at everything as if it’s art and sees life itself as an artistic expression.
Contact: Jared Schwalb

Contemporary Art Projects USA

North Miami Beach, Florida | Booth R215

Headquartered in Miami, Contemporary Art Projects USA is dedicated to nurturing new contemporary art by providing exhibition opportunities and resources for emerging artists and curators. Its mission is focused on promoting art appreciation within the international community, inspiring and assisting collectors, and generating resources that support artists’ creative endeavors through art awareness, artist promotion, and art procurement.

For Red Dot Miami 2017, Contemporary Art Projects USA’s booth will revolve around one concept and inspiration: time. As human beings, our history is represented through time in the creation of beautiful, intense moments. Time reveals nature from its beginning to eternity, represented by planets and stars, by the deep waters of the sea, and by beauty of landscapes. As an abstract concept, time guides artists, giving them their rhythm and inspiring their creativity.

The curated show is figurative and abstract, geometric and kinetic, representing all media from metal to Plexiglas sculpture to photography and unique mixed media to painting to three-dimensional collages. The artworks presented are by an esteemed group of artists, including Brian Blount, Ricardo Cardenas, Lina Condes, Christian Coo, Hugo Diaz, John Dolle, Laura Epler, Artiom Grishaev, Senen Llanos, Lolo Loren, Daniel Marin, Juan Luis Perez, Marielle Plaisir, Lara Restelli, Nataly Schloser, Merrill Steiger, Gary Traczyk, and Michele A. Utley-Voigt, among others.
Contact: Tata Fernandez

Contemporary Art Project USA Artists

Marielle Plaisir | France

Upon first glance, you see the depth of the narrative in each of Marielle Plaisir’s exquisite tapestries and unique paintings. Her art includes varied media— drawings, paintings, video, performance, and monumental installations—all greatly inspired by Italian quattrocento and Latin and Caribbean literature.

The essence of her artworks is theatrical—and we are drawn into the story and drama of each one. As a French-Caribbean artist, she blends life and fiction into her use of textiles, fibers, and fabrics and brings social commentary to each piece with universal themes such as power, domination, life, and death. Her surrealist approach allows her to move from the reality of life to the capacity of imagination.

Plaisir has created highly intense visual experiences worldwide, at selected group or solo exhibits, international biennials, and contemporary art fairs.

Marielle Plaisir - Contemporary Art Projects USA
The Skin of the Donkey | Tapestry
Hugo Diaz | Venezuela

Take one look at Venezuelan artist Hugo Diaz’s art and you’ll see immediately the influence of his degree in computer engineering. Each work is intricately created to engage the viewer with its energy and movement. Diaz is an important member of the new generation of Venezuelan kinetic art. This art genre is based on the aesthetic of the real alongside the virtual movement in geometric abstraction.

Created by the use of combined simple geometric forms in composition on either virtual or real spaces, Diaz’s art goes beyond intuition and requires an errorless, rigorous method to achieve it. The impact of his art is created by emphasizing two diverse spatial dimensions in order to represent a three-dimensional reality. Pictorially, his work is based on optical illusions obtained by retinal vibration taking advantage of the impossibility for our eyes to watch simultaneously two contrasted surfaces that are intensely brightly colored.

Hugo Diaz - Contemporary Art Projects USA
Hugo Diaz | Contemporary Art Projects USA
Daniel Marin | Venezuela

One look at Spanish-German artist Daniel Marin’s artwork and you’ll see the influence of his years as a graphic designer as well as his accomplishments as a jewelry designer, each increasing the foundation of his true passion: painting.

Marin has traveled the world, residing in Brazil, India, and Morocco, as well as visiting many other countries, where he learned from their history, life’s approach, and culture. After exploring different styles, techniques, and figurative subjects, he decided to express his ideas and emotions through abstract painting, which allows him to better communicate his complex inner world. Inspired by the paths of well-known masters—Jackson Pollock, Cy Twombly, Willem de Kooning, and Mark Rothko—Marin’s personal style evolved, merging oil, acrylic, enamels, spray, and collage techniques.

Marin’s extraordinary one-of-a-kind paintings are part of important private and public collections across the U.S. and around the world wide.

Daniel Marin - Contemporary Art Projects USA
Daniel Marin | Contemporary Art Projects USA
Ana Maria Nava | Venezuela

Ana Maria Nava has been intrigued by textiles for many years and translates her investigation into intricate glass interpretations. Come meet Nava and explore the multifaceted installation titled Aguazules. The viewer experiences the mesmerizing impact of the textural effect of the glass, the vibrant colors, and the shadows created. Her architectural background becomes evident in the use of lines, dots, color, depth, volume, and strength.

Nava describes her work: “Movement gives cadence to growing colonies formed by organic elements that duplicate themselves on the bare wall. The shadows they cast become colored ghosts dancing under the splash. The exploration continues. Linked elements are present in nature, in our bodies, all around us. I study them. The work is an evolution of the of the textiles, frozen in time.

“In other pieces I call ‘liquid,’ I look for fluidity, the movement of water, the trace that leaves on its way. It remains frozen within the glass volume, appearing to keep on moving. I get another contradiction: static movement.”

Ana Maria Nava - Contemporary Art Projects USA
Ana Maria Nava | Contemporary Art Projects
Ricardo Cárdenas | Mexico

Ricardo Cárdenas is a successful emerging Mexican artist whose popularity is growing by leaps and bounds. Beginning as a construction engineer, Cárdenas expresses his past experience and appreciation of materials, along with his feelings and beliefs, by connecting his art in both his medium and techniques. Learn how his clever use of building materials, including concrete, steel bars, and more, have become synonymous with Cárdenas artwork.

Cárdenas is a genuine and original creator, always presenting new unique forms, textures, and concepts. He successfully proves this with his exquisite Series of Tributes to Great Masters. Reinterpreting the main traits of the works from a chosen master artist, Cárdenas uses cement and iron bars characteristic of his work, with the addition of paint and collage, to make his creation look as a unique poster or street graffiti on a cement wall. The resulting artwork is astonishing and has been greatly admired by viewers and art collectors.

Ricardo Cárdenas - Contemporary Art Projects USA
Ricardo Cárdenas | Contemporary Art Projects

2016 Spotlight Galleries

The Spotlight Gallery Program provides collectors a focused look at several cutting-edge galleries who will each be creating a site-specific solo exhibition.

Masterworks Fine Art

Oakland Hills, California | Booth R317

Masterworks Fine Art. Marc Chagall - Les Adolescents
Marc Chagall - Les Adolescents, 1975 | Masterworks Fine Art Gallery | Color Lithograph | 29" x 22"

As renowned fine art collectors and dealers for over 30 years, Masterworks Fine Art have sold more than 4,000 works, from 16th century to contemporary, to happy clients in over 25 countries. Their mission? To be the top source for acquiring fine art masterworks and to provide the best fine art documentation and historical descriptions of over 500 works of fine art in their inventory.

Established in 1973 in San Francisco’s East Bay, Masterworks Fine Art services private collectors, dealers, and museums all over the world. Known internationally for their specialization in 16th to 20th century masters, they consider they way they treat their clients as family, with full access to Masterworks’ market expertise, curatorial knowledge, and excellent staff service, to be an important aspect of their continued success.

Featuring over 200 works on display in their gallery, they host private viewings and special events, taking pride in being one of the most extensive and diverse art galleries in the world. Boasting a wide range of masters, styles, and mediums, their exceptional gallery of international artists includes Agam, Appel, Braque, Brueghel the Elder, Chagall, Degas, Dürer, Léger, Matisse, Miró, Monet, Picasso, Rembrandt, Renoir, Rouault, Toulouse-Lautrec, Vlaminck, Warhol, van Dyck, Vasarely, and Yvaral. All artworks are cataloged by their gallery’s in-house curatorial team and come with a Masterworks Fine Art Certificate of Authenticity.

Their collection is built on a wide range in the artists’ oeuvre, emphasizing not only rarity, demand, and ultimate sale-ability but also potential appreciation, historical context, and personal insight. Through such diverse offerings and full access, Masterworks Fine Art strives to enhance the experience of every collector, emerging or practiced, and looks forward to establishing a personal and professional relationship with each collector that lasts a lifetime.
Contact: Rod Adelman


Shanghai, China | Booth R505

island9 - Liu Dao
And So We Made A Mess, Liu Dao | island6

An “art first” philanthropic project founded and run by artists and managed by voluntary staff, island6 is a production site with adjoining gallery for the cutting-edge, new media artwork of the Liu Dao art collective in Shanghai. It’s located in the M50 district, Shanghai’s best-known art community to date. The area has become a hot spot for contemporary art, and boasts over 100 galleries, design studios, architectural firms, and artists workshop.

The island6 production studio is equipped for all manner of artistic creation, from traditional Chinese paper cutting to interactive video animation, while the spacious gallery is used for thematic exhibitions. Every art-forward island6 exhibition is the product of multi-disciplined, collaborative in-house workshops.

The Liu Dao collective primarily creates LED artworks, interactive installations, photography, video art, and sculpture. Liu Dao explores the cultural potential of the convergence of art, technology, and science, and promotes cross-cultural dialogue through their unique collaborative philosophy.
Contact: Ryan Nimmo

The Gallery Steiner

Vienna, Austria | Booth R115

The Gallery Steiner is a modern art gallery in the heart of Vienna’s Old Town district. The company, led by Michelle and Corinna Steiner, strives for professionalism, modernity, diversity, and internationalism. Since its founding in 2008, the gallery has established itself as a meeting point for qualified art collectors and a hub for internationally recognized and modern artists.

With good branding and good relations as a key to success, art expert Corinna Steiner heads the team with her years of experience in the art market. The gallery offers its clients an exciting exhibition program, combined with professional marketing focused on modern art and the consistent development of partners leading to the gallery’s excellent reputation. The gallery represents artists from throughout the European Union and beyond, including Switzerland, Norway, Russia, Turkey, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, and Brazil.

To further market awareness for the gallery and the artists represented, the Gallery Steiner exhibits at art shows globally with a focus on the Chinese, American, and European art markets. In addition, several exclusive art shows are organized annually in Zurich and Shanghai.
Contact: Dominic Steiner

The Gallery Steiner - Joined Beauty by Beddru
Joined Beauty, Beddru | The Gallery Steiner

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